Pubcon Beer Expedition


Beers in Vegas are not such a big deal. (all alcohol seems a bit weak in variety there in fact). Last time out, the fanciest beer we could find at the large clubs, Stella Artois. Not such a big thrill. You would think in a town like this that they would have the selection to end all selections, everywhere you go. Not the case. Weak, weak, weak. Well talking this over with a friend who went to school in … [Continue reading]

Summer Headache


Well, that didn't take long. The summer headache arrived on Day One of "School is Out".  Working from home has it's challenges and this is definitely one of them. This year it arrived in all it's glorious chaos on a Saturday - thank goodness for that at least. It's funny how the kids seem to think that summer equals no rules or anything goes. Sitcoms and cartoons, much? We're mere hours into summer and I've … [Continue reading]

Your Website is not Created in a Vaccuum

This is something I've come across a time or two (or three) in my time in this business. And every time I encounter it - it makes me want to scream. I filed this under SEO because, guess what? You can't SEO without content - it's all related... Before I tell you the topic of this little rant, let's take a look at what a website does. What is a website's purpose? What makes up a website? … [Continue reading]

A Thankful Thanksgiving

I'm sitting here a few days before Thanksgiving thinking about 2009 and the things I have to be thankful for. You know - it's a lot. … [Continue reading]

Becoming an Expert

growing an expert

My son taught me something this last weekend at the beach. I watched him become an expert and I was struck by how simple it really is and the lesson was taught by a 12 year old. … [Continue reading]

Thesis & First Link Priority


After reading Andy Beard's article about Premium WordPress themes (I'd already watched the StomperNet videos) - I decided to spend some time with Thesis (my favorite premium themes). My goal was to customize Thesis to be even better at SEO, using simple custom_functions.php. First: those dreaded header links - Yep, Thesis has those, most blog themes do. So, what to do about them? We still need a header area, … [Continue reading]

and is back

Not that it ever went away... but no more 301's for this domain. Stompernet Live 8 hasn't even been over for a week - and relaunching this domain as a full site is only the first of many things to implement. Please excuse the dust and such, while I move into this new site and get things situated. Obviously, this post is intentionally short. … [Continue reading]